10 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Golf Trip

Golf has a reputation of being an expensive sport. While there are many ways to drop a pretty penny on the golf course, there are plenty of creative ways to enjoy your golfing experience on a budget.

Here’s our top ten money-saving tips for your next golf trip.

Tip #1: Reserve Your Tee Time Online

An Internet reservation saves you time and hassle and gives you the opportunity to save some money. Online booking websites such as TeeOff.com offer hefty discounts and promotional codes.

Tip #2: Hit the Golf Course Later in the Day

Cut costs by scheduling your golf trip for the afternoon or evening. Early birds usually get a more expensive tee time. Many golf courses offer discounted rates if you start playing after 1 or 2 p.m.

Tip #3: Join an Association Membership

Join your state’s local golf association to benefit from perks such as discounted deals, the chance to participate in local competitions, earned handicaps and much more.

Tip #4: Scan Daily Deal Websites

Coupon websites such as Groupon frequently offer deals on tee times. If your next golf trip includes a few friends, see if you can find group deals that will help everyone save money.

Tip #5: Plan a Weekday Trip

You’ll typically find a discounted rate if you schedule your golf trip on a weekday. At some courses, you’ll find the costs are reduced by as much as 50 percent — a difference that can turn your trip from a dream into a feasible weekday activity.

Tip #6: Purchase Used Equipment

You can find high-quality and good-as-new golf clubs and clothing when you buy secondhand. Many sites offer used equipment for a fraction of the price. Plus, you can easily find golf clothes and golf balls at similar online stores.

Tip #7: Cut the Cart

If the weather is nice, opt for walking instead of using a golf cart. You will save money for your golf trip, get healthy exercise and appreciate the size and scope of the golf course in a whole new way.

Tip #8: Choose a Less Popular Location

Searching for golf course locations will lead you to the most popular — and most pricey — options. There are a plethora of less-visited golf trip locations that offer a premium golfing experience with a smaller price tag. Dig into some research and scout out an unpredictable location. Plus, you’ll likely experience smaller crowds at a less-popular golf course.

Tip #9: Switch to a Nine-Hole Round

These smaller courses offer the same amount of enjoyment as a traditional 18-hole round. You’ll save money playing golf while enjoying a delightful day on the course.

Tip #10: Buy Supplies in the Fall and Winter

Golf is a seasonal sport, which means that fall and winter are the best times to find discounted deals on supplies. Stock up for more affordable options as you start planning for next summer’s big golfing expedition.

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