Golf Tee Times

With summer around the corner, golf season is just one putt away from being in full swing. Whether you’re a new golfer or seasoned pro, your golfing days are about to increase. If you’re looking for golf tee times in Hilton Head Island, SC, you’re on the right page. Keep reading to learn more about our Hilton Head Island golf tee times and why we require our golfers to book them in advance.

What Are Tee Times in Golf?

When it comes to golf, a “tee time” is just another word for reservation. When you book one of our Hilton Head tee times, you sign up to begin your round of golf at a specific time. If your tee time is 10:40 a.m., then at 10:40 a.m., someone from your golf group should be hitting the first shot of your round. In other words, tee time refers to when you actually tee off for the first time — not when you show up. Take professional golf, for example. Pro golfers begin their round based on designated tee times. The golf tournament publicizes these times so fans can follow their favorite golfers easily.

What Is the Purpose of Our Hilton Head Tee Times?

Since most of our visitors don’t exactly have fans, our tee times exist for organizational purposes. The overall function of having specific tee times is to position golfers on the course to facilitate a smooth flow of golfers as a whole. Imagine if large groups of golfers showed up to start their rounds of golf all at the same time. The sport would entail even more waiting around if that were the case.

Why We Use Golf Tee Times on Hilton Head Island, SC

We space our tee times at regular intervals, our Hilton Head Island golf tee times are eight minutes apart. This way, golfers know when to hit their first golf ball and have time to start their round without the pressure of other groups waiting behind them. Everyone begins their round of golf in an orderly fashion. What is the outcome? Happy, organized golfers and less waiting for groups to finish each hole. At Crescent Pointe and Eagle’s Pointe, we require groups to choose a tee time. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality golfing experience, and that starts with staying organized.

How to Book Your Hilton Head Tee Time

We have two locations you can choose from for your Hilton Head golf tee times. Our golf tee times can start as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 5:00 p.m (times will change with the seasons). To book your tee time at Crescent Pointe, simply select the available time that works best for your group to begin. For our Eagle’s Pointe location, browse our tee times and make your selection.

The Importance of Making Your Hilton Head Island Golf Tee Times

Starting your round of golf at your designated tee time is crucial. If you miss it, you could lose your golfing spot for the day. Contact Hallmark Golf Group anytime with questions, or book your tee time online today.