Three Tips For Beginner Golfers

Eagle's Pointe Golf Club

The game of golf gets you outside and interacting with other players, which makes it great for your physical and emotional health. It’s also a lifelong sport you can play well into your retirement. While some people start playing golf when they’re young, you don’t need to feel discouraged if you’ve never picked up a club. With time, practice and these golf tips for beginners, you can get on the course in no time at all.

1. Understand Golf Etiquette

Every sport has its own etiquette rules, but golf etiquette can seem particularly complicated if you’ve never played. While you can learn many of the rules through playing, there are some simple points to understand before you head out on the course:

  • Keep up the pace: You don’t need to run, but you should make sure you don’t lag behind your playing partners. Keep your practice swings limited to one or two and stay around a half hole behind the group in front of you.
  • Know when it’s your turn: All golfers can’t hit at the same time, so it’s important to understand when it’s your turn to avoid confusion. Typically, the person who earns the best score on the last hole gets to tee off first when you reach the next one.
  • Know when to yell “Fore!”: Yelling “Fore!” when you hit a stray shot is equivalent to yelling “Watch out!” You should yell as soon as you realize the ball has a chance of hitting someone else.

2. Make Good Club Choices

You don’t need to empty your savings account to buy clubs when you’re just starting. Although you can carry up to 14 clubs, you won’t need to have that many when you’re just starting. Instead, buy a driver, putter, sand wedge, pitching wedge and a few irons. Make sure you try out all the clubs before you buy them. The grip is important, and you don’t want to order clubs without first feeling each one in your hands.

If you decide you want to continue playing golf for years to come, then invest in a custom set of clubs. Certain shops can even customize a cheaper set of clubs or a used set to fit your needs. Your best bet is to shop around until you find the perfect set of clubs.

3. Take Golf Lessons Before You Start

Another good golf tip for beginners is to take lessons from a professional before you start playing alone. Teaching yourself could form bad habits that are hard to reverse. A professional will teach you the basics as well as physical and mental tips to improve your game. We offer golf lessons in Hilton Head Island, SC at Cresent Pointe and Eagle’s Pointe. Our professionals will help you work on things such as stance and grip so you can feel confident starting your golf game.

Hilton Head Golf Lessons for Beginners

If you’re looking for beginner golf lessons in Hilton Head, you can find them at our two great courses. Book a tee time at Crescent Pointe or Eagle’s Pointe today or contact us to learn more about our beginners’ packages.

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